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Published: 12. 9. 2023
Author: Redakce
Photo: Viacheslav Shambazov, Dávid Duducz
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The 15th jubilee season of the Slovak Woman of the Year reader poll falls on the same year that we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the establishment of our oldest weekly magazine Slovenka, which doubles as a kind of chronicle, written by entire generations of Slovak women.

Bratislava's sumptuous Reduta building served as a backdrop for the meeting of nearly thirty ladies whose life stories serve as inspiration to us all. "The Slovak Woman of the Year is truly a unique project. Not just within Slovakia but also across all of Europe," highlighted MEP Ivan Štefanec in his speech.
"The jubilee season once again not only confirmed the merit that the poll has but also highlighted how invaluable this project is for our entire society," stated the woman behind the idea and the event's main organizer Mária Reháková.
Simona Simanová and Juraj Bača hosted the emotion-packed final gala for RTVS viewers and invited attendees alike in the beautiful building of the Slovak Philharmonic. The program was focused on the awardees whose uniqueness helped them burst beyond Slovak borders but also included an extensive cultural docket. The viewers and guests saw Marián Vojtko as the legendary Dracula, the song Vyznanie (Confession) in a special edit by Ján Ďurovčík, the phenomenal Dara Rolins, and the Lúčnica art ensemble.

The Ultimate Slovak Woman of the Year 2023 title went to Silvia Manduľáková, founder of the Eductech non-profit..

Mária Katuščáková, winner of the Healthcare category.

Viera Peterková, winner of the Education category.

Mária Reháková with Vladimír Bakeš, chairman of the board and general manager of KOOPERATIVA Vienna Insurance Group.

The phenomenal Dara Rolins performed during the gala.

Marian Vojtko sang songs from the Dracula musical.


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