Czecho-Slovak evening in Bratislava

Publikováno: 24. 3. 2024
Autor: Editorial Staff
Foto: Juraj Roháč
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In the middle of March, The Business Soiree and the Slovenka magazines held a Czecho-Slovak diplomatic evening under the patronage of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak republic, attended by a number of significant guests.

Among those taking the floor were the Czech ambassador in Bratislava Rudolf Jindrák, the Slovak Minister of Finance Ladislav Kamenický, the Czech first Deputy Prime Minister Jaroslava Pokorná Jermanová, the former Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Michaela Marksová, and the former Minister of Foreign Affairs Cyril Svoboda, with Peter Závodský speaking as the owner of the TBS company.
Among others, the event was attended by the Slovak Minister of Economy Denisa Saková, the advisor to the Slovak Prime Minister Erik Kaliňák, or the principal of the Prague Jan Deyl academy Stanislava Lustyková. Attending as members of the Friends of the Slovak republic group in the Czech parliament were the MPs Monika Oborná, Miloslav Janulík, Jaroslav Foldyna, but also the former Minister of Culture Antonín Staněk, the chairwoman of the Trikolóra party Zuzana Majerová Zahradníková, the former Slovak ambassador to the Czech republic Mr Petr Weiss, and others.
The evening was moderated by the spokesperson of the Prague Public Transit Company Aneta Řehková. The main partners of the event also played an important role, among them the PVZP insurance company, the Slovenka magazine, the Tatravagónka Poprad and Agados Trailers companies. Other partners included Temperatior, Evoltik, Sekyra Group, Andrea Martiny and C. Bechstein. The students of the Jan Deyl high school and academy provided the musical accompaniment. The main surprise of the evening was provided by the painter Karin Králová, who gifted the academy with an artistic rendering of Milan Rastislav Štefánik’s legacy from her Paris collection of paintings.

Cyril Svoboda, Ladislav Kamenický, Michaela Marksová, Jaroslava Pokorná Jermanová, Rudolf Jindrák, Aneta Řehková

Jaroslava Pokorná Jermanová, Monika Oborná, Michaela Marksová, Denisa Saková

Peter Závodský, Karin Králová, Denisa Saková, Stanislava Lustyková, Aneta Řehková

Karin Králová, Denisa Saková, Stanislava Lustyková

Denisa Saková

Ladislav Kamenický, Denisa Saková, Rudolf Jindrák

Cyril Svoboda, Rudolf Jindrák

Zuzana Majerová Zahradníková

Erik Kaliňák, Jaroslav Foldyna

The students of the Jan Deyl high school and academy provided the musical accompaniment


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