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Publikováno: 25. 3. 2024
Autor: Peter Pellegrini
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On the sixth of April, every voter in Slovakia will be faced with a very simple question: Do I want Peter Pellegrini or Ivan Korčok to be president? No other option exists today. I see huge differences in what I have to offer to Slovakia and what my opponent does.

I want to be a president of the people. Not a president of elites, media, NGOs, and foreign countries. I want to be a president of peace, proudly and steadfastly defending Slovak national interests. Not a president who will drag Slovakia into war to earn a pat on the back in Brussels or Washington. I want to be a president of peace, not a president of eternal conflict who makes premature promises at odds with the democratically elected government. And I want to be a president who brings better life to the people, whom the current government works very hard for. Not a president of poverty, rising prices, and chaos, all of which Matovič's government regrettably allowed to unfold with the participation of Ivan Korčok.
I want to shape the Presidential Palace into a place where visions for the future of the state are born, where people of different opinions and convictions can communicate to provide a better life for the populace. I care about regional development because when regions grow in strength it means an internally cohesive and strong Slovakia. I offer a platform that stands for something, not against someone. I am convinced that Slovakia needs a stable government, one that works for the people, because we care about the quality of life of every single person. And that is a platform I will always support.


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