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Peter Kmec at the meeting in Užhorod

Publikováno: 16. 3. 2024
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Foto: Government Office SR
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At the recent meeting between the Prime Ministers of Slovakia and Ukraine in the transcarpathian city of Užhorod, the Slovak Deputy Prime Minister Peter Kmec played a key role in reaching na agreement on carrying out three strategic projects.

These projects are supposed to support the economic growth and renewal in east Slovakian and Transcarpathian regions, the latter being a relatively safe area with significant potential. Our goal is to strengthen cross-border infrastructure, and connections between our businessmen and citizens. Slovakia can also profit from the position of a country of transit, not only when it comes to exporting from Ukraine, but also the transport of goods and technologies to Ukraine to aid in its rebuilding,” said Kmec. In short, they are projects for passenger railway transport between Kyiv and Košice through a new Maťovce route using a broad-gauge track, strengthening the power lines between Mukachev and Kapušany for an increased transmission capacity and the energetic safety of eastern Slovakia, and streamlining and reinforcing the shared border, with an emphasis on capacities for cargo transport. Slovakia considers these projects key for its economic growth, as they create new opportunities specifically for the development of eastern Slovakia, and strengthen cross- border ties. These cooperation agreements with Ukraine are a step towards strengthening regional integration and a mutual prosperous advancement. 

With Julia Svyrydenko, the Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economic Development and Trade. 


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