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Pavel Blažek: Relations from the dissolution of the Federation to this day

Publikováno: 16. 3. 2024
Autor: Pavel Blažek
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From the moment in 1993 when Czechoslovakia split into two independent and sovereign republics, the relations between these two countries have passed through many stages. I am of the opinion that our separation thirty-one years ago was inevitable, motivated not only by political, but economic and social factors as well.

The dissolution of the Federation still dredged up a lot of emotions and fears, though. However, in hindsight we are able to look at this historical event with more peace and understanding. From my point of view, separating our former country into two sovereign states was beneficial, because it allowed us to better represent our national interests within the European Union, and each state also gained its own unique valid vote. 

Effectively in the EU 
The European Union is a community of sovereign countries, which make decisions together about matters that influence our lives, the lives of all of the citizens of the republic. In this context, it is important to have more weight and representation. Thanks to the separation, we gained two states with their own perspectives and interests, which enables us to more effectively defend our stances and interests within European institutions. 

A continued connection 
Despite the current political or economical differences, the Czech and Slovak republics are still connected through a shared history, geography and many cultural traditions. Our relations are based on mutual respect and cooperation. We are still close, and we can mutually learn from each other’s mistakes. In spite of the obstacles and challenges the separation brought with it, I believe that we are on the right path, our Czecho-Slovak relations are strong and constructive, and I think we can still rely on one another. 

The author is the Minister of Justice of the Czech Republic 


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