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Publikováno: 16. 3. 2024
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The commission of a new office in Qatar in December of last year opens the door for new opportunities and business challenges. As a part of the expansion, a key part of the strategy is the launch of two new online platforms: and

The former, the online shop, becomes a digital merchant interconnecting the company with the local Qatar market. Thanks to this platform, businesses can effectively reach out to customers, offer their products and create stronger bonds with the local clientele. This allows for flexibility and fast reaction times to local demand and preferences., the other launched online platform, becomes the central point for distribution and logistics. It offers an effective system for the management of warehouses, logistics and delivery. This combination of a physical and digital presence allows the company to offer its products in a fast and effective manner, which is key for success in a competitive market environment. Through interconnecting its physical and digital presence in this way, the company creates a complex strategy for a successful business venture in Qatar. A diligently assessed approach to expansion, and the combination of online and online shopping, all strengthen the market standing of the company, and contribute to a sustainable growth in the region. 

Czech quality 
The online shop is exceptional in that it specializes in offering quality goods with the prestigious “Made in Czech Republic” brand. This strategy highlights a high level of craftsmanship and quality the Czech products offer. Customers across Qatar and surrounding regions have the opportunity to explore and purchase exclusive products which bear the mark of Czech crafting heritage. also focuses on luxury goods and antiques, offering its clients a selection from a collection of unique and elegant products. This broad scale of available items includes not only current luxury trends, but also rare and historically valuable pieces. This creates  an environment for the customers where they can invest into pieces with historical value. Through interconnecting these categories - quality goods from the Czech republic, luxury products and antiques - creates a unique business model, which speaks to the varied interests of the customers. In this way, the online shop not only supports Czech craftsmen and artists, but also offers its customers in Qatar the chance to explore and purchase highly valuable and unique products. 

Schools, hospitals or yachts, as a key element of business expansion, enters the market specialized in urban furniture, school and kindergarten equipment, hospital furniture, and facilities for state institutions. This specialization not only offers a broad range of goods for different industries, but also highlights the involvement of the company in the field of public infrastructure, and the quality of the lives of the citizens. But isn’t limited to just these fields. It is exceptional in that it also offers special bespoke furniture for luxury yachts. This way the company reaches out to an exclusive clientele and confirms its ability to offer quality and luxury products for different segments of the market. Aside from that, specializes in garden furniture made from technologically advanced materials. This specialization takes into account the needs of customers looking for durable, aesthetic and functional garden equipment. This means that the company brings innovative solutions into the outdoors, and not only for homes, but also for commercial and residential buildings. All in all, not only complements the range of products, but also strengthens the overall business strategy of the company in Qatar, building on the diversity and quality of an offer capable of satisfying a broad spectrum of customers across different branches and segments of the market. 


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