Silvia Patrová: ZnačkaBVLGARI Brand Grew Close to My Heart a Long Time Ago

Published: 1. 1. 2021
Author: Karel Černý
Photo: archives of Silvie Patrová
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When you say BVLGARI to everyone’s mind come the concepts of beauty, elegance and luxury. But the latter concept can mean something different to everyone. What does it mean for Silvia Patrová, BVLGARI Boutique Manager, who is surrounded by luxury thanks to the her work?

What does luxury mean to you?

Back in the day, I would answer this question saying that luxury means being able to surround yourself with pleasures that aren’t necessary, and are by no means something we need, yet they make life beautiful. And, of course, also the time to be able to enjoy it all. After the 2020 pandemic, the importance of luxury has changed quite a bit. What we once took for granted has turned into being rare and therefore also somehow luxurious. The word luxury has taken on a new dimension. Today, luxury is also free movement, health, a family and loved ones visiting you, and along with the possibility of enjoying pleasures and little things that make the day happier and more beautiful. You do have to keep in mind, though, that nothing should be taken for granted and always look on the bright side of things.

When you mentioned the covid pandemic, how has the shops closing affected BVLGARI?

None of us thought that the lockdown will last so long. We were lucky as we started digitizing long before the outbreak of the pandemic and focused on local clients. So, it was not a problem to switch to online sales and presentations so far. We are in constant contact with our clients, we have created a solid base of local clients and we are fully aware that individual approach and excellent service is the basis of success in the luxury retail segment. Naturally, we are missing tourists, but every crisis also means an opportunity.

Is BVLGARI planning a new collection, is it planning some surprise?

Every year we present new items within the already known collections or a completely new collection. Sometimes I wonder how our designers can come up with something new yet again, but they always surprise with new items that reflect the history and tradition of BVLGARI. It may sound like job conditioning, but I dare say that with us, every client can choose and even if she already owns some of the gems of our brand.

How does an engineer and a bank clerk become a prominent representative of a fashion brand?

It was actually quite a bit of a coincidence. Since coming to Prague, I had been in contact with a headhunter, who got in touch after more than three years when I was working for a German bank. One of her clients opened a BVLGARI fan club and needed to fill the position of the company's director for Czechia. I had experience from commercial companies, and what is more, private banking has the same clientele as the luxury retail segment. It all complemented each other beautifully and in addition I always had a sober look at the business, which is very important, and it was one of the conditions the franchise owners had. It didn't take long and I landed this job. Over time, the ownership of BVLGARI in Czechia has changed and we have become part of LVMH, and direct ownership of BVLGARI brand. The headquarters kept the whole team, which is also a great sign the reputation our work in the Czech Republic has. At the same time, I was pleased when I recently met my former supervisor from the bank, who confirmed to me that my decision was right back then, although I remember that she was not very happy when I brought her my resignation.

Is there a BVLGARI product that has grown particularly close to your heart?

BVLGARI brand grew close to my heart a long time ago already, but I would mention two collections that are especially iconic for me. Monete - this collection contains original coins from the Persian, Roman and Greek empires, dated up to 500 years BC, I enjoy the combination of historical moment in a modern, original presentation and I also wear something that was paid with more than 2,000 years ago. And I must mention my beloved Serpenti - a snake-shaped collection that hides infinite symbolism and, in addition, this collection has been made famous by Elisabeth Taylor, our great client. She wore a Serpenti watch while shooting the feature film Cleopatra. The serpent is a symbol of eternal wisdom, youth and immortality.


Silvia Patrová (born in 1981 in Bratislava) is the Manager of BVLGARI boutique.

#She graduated from the University of Economics in Bratislava, majoring in Banking.

She gradually worked as an Assistant at Olympus, Assistant to the CEO at HSBC Bank Bratislava, then at LBBW (private banking department) and for the last 10 years at BVLGARI.

She is single, her greatest hobbies include travelling and sports.


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