Serpenti Metamorphosis

Published: 5. 4. 2022
Author: Redakce
Photo: Photo Pavel Gwužď
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An evening celebrating the world premiere of the short film Serpentine from director and screenwriter, Eva Doležalová, created in cooperation with the Italian jewelry house BVLGARI took place in the second week of March.

Besides the creator of the movie, actresses Hana Vágnerová and Jitka Schneiderová, models Barbora Podzimková, Denisa Dvořáková, and Kateřina Sokolová, fashion designer Liběna Rochová, actor Stanislav Majer, and musician Albert Černý all attended.

The serpent, symbolizing eternal metamorphosis, was a theme that permeated the evening. This symbolic motif culminated in a dance performance, and the baroque atmosphere was punctuated by a show by singer Alžběta Ferencová, also known as Zea. “I am happy that the public premiere took place in Prague. Last month, Serpentine resonated with a panel of experts at the international Mammoth Film Festival in California where it received the Best Genre Film award. I believe that Czech audiences will be just as excited about it,” said Eva Doležalová.

Silvia Patrová (Bvlgari), Peter Závodský, Jana Nečasová.

Pavel Mahdal, Kamil Kosman (oba Grade), Hana Vagnerová, Jana Nečasová, Peter Závodský (The Business Soirée).

Peter Závodský, Kateřina Sokolová.


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