How to Survive In 21st Century

Published: 13. 4. 2020
Author: MUDr. Jitka Ferbrová
Photo: Tree of Life
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Our organism has always reacted to threats in two ways - if you can, run, if you can't, fight. So FIGHT or FLIGHT. Millions of years really there really weren’t any other options. It has been only in the last millennia that the possibility of negotiating, bribing or persuading appeared. Nevertheless FIGHT or FLIGHT are still daily topics.

Therefore, even today, when we are exposed to any tension or stress, the organism reacts at the lowest developmental level and begins to prepare the body for battle. This is an involuntary reaction and most people cannot influence it. And that’s what it’s all about.


What's going on in the fight mode

What happens when we feel fear, stress and tension? The “threat” indicator lights up in the brain and the brain triggers a cascade of reactions via hormones. One of the first is the command to mobilize reserves. Sugars and fats are released into the circulation because muscles need fuel. The brain knows that it must support the supply of energy and oxygen to the muscles. This is followed by the command to accelerate the pulse, increase pressure, and accelerate breathing. The heart must pump as many compounds as possible to the muscles. Preparing for the worst. But what happens if there is no fight? What happens to the sugars and fats that are not consumed and burned during combat? They remain in circulation. High sugar concentration worsens the vitality of blood vessels and nerves, fat deposits in blood vessels and narrows blood vessels, risk factors increase.

What about other organs? If we primarily supply the heart, lungs and muscles with blood, then we will find places where we have to lose blood. There, logically, the blood vessels contract. This happens in the stomach, in the intestines, in the skin and, no wonder also in the brain.  Brain comes second in fight.

What does that all mean? If stress remains or is recurrent, it promotes the development of stomach ulcers, indigestion and headaches. Neurotics have cold hands; and if a person is in a great stress, they usually shiver with cold.

But that's not all. Before fighting it is necessary to prepare for blood loss. The body begins to retain fluids and the kidneys filter less. More fluid than usual accumulates in blood vessels and tissues.

It naturally means a greater burden on the heart, which is one of the mechanisms of emerging hypertension. So repeated clashes with the boss or wife act as everyday threat to the predator.


Right precautions

With the view to the above, it is an inevitable consideration assuming that primitive individuals who deal with stress by aggression are better off metabolically. And that is probably right. And what about the rest of us? We have to keep this process in mind. We can start by taking appropriate precautions. We can move away from places where poverty and frequent struggle minimize the possibility of diabetes and high cholesterol. We can choose a quieter job. We can start practicing yoga or tai chi. But civilization stress is ubiquitous and carries the risk of civilization diseases. There is the risk of diabetes, hypertension, fat metabolism disorder and obesity. These are followed by arthritis of the joints, depression and the chronic fatigue syndrome.


Keep your mind and body busy

If we know about the danger, then we can prevent it. But it will cost us some effort. It's easy to shorten your way across a frozen river, and it may even work out. It's easy to sit at your computer, feed yourself hamburgers and mine Bitcoin. And this may work too. But you can also end up having a heart attack and being broke.

Do some exercise, ideally everyday. It can be gym or an hour of walking. It promotes blood circulation, burns sugar and fat, helps distribute oxygen to tissues and activate muscles. Working in the garden or painting the fence do not help much. You must choose an activity that trains the circulatory system and stimulates breathing.
Eat sensibly and well. Don't stick to nonsensical diets. The body needs energy and brain works only on glucose. If it does not get it, it is produced by cleavage, producing dangerous metabolites. Do not fall for fad diets, gluten is not a threat and veganism is not the way to health.

Use your brain. Communicate, read and study. This is especially important for the older generation. The brain has the ability to create new connections. If you overload it  by playing combat computer games, you again support the FIGHT or FLIGHT response. Chess is ideal.

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