European funding helps with digitalization

Published: 7. 7. 2022
Author: Charlota Dědková
Photo: Photo Vodafone
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Only 17% of small and medium-sized enterprises have successfully integrated digital technologies into their operations. Czech companies could benefit from the money flowing in via the post-pandemic recovery plan.

Vodafone is one of the providers that can assist with obtaining funding for digitalization, it can help with handling the entire project of putting in a request while also offering a slew of digital solutions that can save businesses plenty of time and money. Another upside of implementing new technologies is the ability to make a business more effective and ultimately increase revenue.

Help with funding

Because 99% of businesses in the EU are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), their digitalization is especially important. However, according to a report by a working party of the Center for Digital Innovation, only 17% of them have integrated these solutions into their operations. Companies are often unsure which digital business strategy to go with and are reluctant to make use of tools based on artificial intelligence.

If a business decides to digitalize and make use of digital technologies, sustainable energy, e-mobility, or even do research, they can obtain funding for such activities. The Czech National Recovery Plan has allocated a total of CZK199 billion for these purposes to help guide the Czech economy out of the post-pandemic crisis and kickstart the digital and “green” transformation as outlined by European legislation.

Vodafone Business is one of the companies that have been focused on digitally transforming businesses for some time now. And so, it has joined forces with major players in this field, as well as specialized consultancy companies, such as Enovation, in order to assist business owners with obtaining funding from the NRP. “Here at Vodafone, we are ready to assist business owners with putting together their projects and funding requests and to be a partner on their journey to digitalization. Our team of experts can help companies with designing, deploying, and analyzing the entire project plan. We will explain to them exactly what needs to be done to obtain the funding and suggest what their next steps should be,” says Veronika Brázdilová, Vodafone B2B Vice President.

Priceless technologies

The digitalization of businesses comes in many forms. The so-called Smart Warehouse can make life easier for proprietors of online shopping platforms, for instance. The solution is based on the Internet of Things and alleviates the need for physical record-keeping that can get burdensome. Instead, each item is assigned a unique identifier and any and all handling operations are then kept track of via a reader device. The information is subsequently transferred to an internal database as well as the e-shop itself in real-time. This speeds up the information flow not just inside the company, allowing for immediate reactions to potential changes, but also on the client-facing side.
The above is merely one of the many possibilities that small and medium-sized businesses can make use of. “Besides IoT-based smart solutions, we can assist with cloud computing and storage, cyber security, private 5G cellular networks, or Microsoft 365. Funding can be obtained for all of these services under the Digital Enterprise initiative of the NRP and seeing as it is a transitory one, hesitation is ill-advised. The funding will facilitate hardware and software purchases and decrease project costs significantly,” adds Veronika Brázdilová.

Getting seen

Despite technologies and smart solutions playing a vital role, good advertising is also one of the key factors in running a successful business. Knowing the inner workings of online marketing is a must at a time when customers spend more and more time on the internet. Vodafone has prepared the V-Hub and Digiacademy portals for businesses and entrepreneurs looking to succeed in today’s digital world. Both platforms aim to help SMEs with digital transformation. On its website, Vodafone offers its business clients a wide array of complimentary specialized and inspirational content, online consulting services, and a number of online marketing and digital business courses. It has now come out with a convenient package called Digital Office that allows entrepreneurs to carry their business around with them safely, all the while doing away with the need for any paperwork.

What the funding covers


Industry 4.0



Security solutions


Internet of Things

Resource conservation

Boosting business effectivity

Waste treatment

Energy conservation

Protecting the environment

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