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State Reception of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Published: 20. 1. 2019
Author: Redakce / Editorial Staff
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It was some 88 years ago on 23rd September, when the world welcomed a new citizen. It was that very day the kingdom of Saudi Arabia was established.

Saudi Arabia celebrated its birthday also in Prague, where they organized an official celebration at its embassy. "On this wonderful anniversary, we recall the epic of great unification conducted by the founding King Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman Al Saud, after which the great cultural march of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia continued towards prosperity, progress and development.”, said ambassador Naif Al Aboud to open the celebration. He also highlighted the excellent relations between the Czech Republic and Saudi Arabia. "Today, as we celebrate this cherished occasion in this affable country, we celebrate the continuation of friendly relations between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Czech Republic. We, in the Kingdom, are always looking forward to strengthening and cultivating our connections with friendly countries and developing them in an atmosphere of mutual respect and reverence, and we prefer constructive and valuable cooperation for the benefit of the people." he noted.

The conclusion of the speech was devoted to the future. "The eighty-eighth anniversary of my country's National Day coincides with major changes and advancements being adopted by the wise leadership of Saudi Arabia in accordance with the ambitious "2030 vision". This vision was accepted by the Saudi people, who are looking forward to achieving the highest standard in prosperity and development at the national level and working side by side with all friendly countries towards welfare, security and peace at both regional and also global level."


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