Silvia Patrová: I love BVLGARI, it is my heart and soul

Published: 22. 12. 2021
Author: Jitka Musilová
Photo: Photo archives of Silvia Patrová
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BVLGARI Boutique Manager, Silvia Patrová, shared with us her evaluation of 2021 looking back from a work perspective, and what she would wish for personally in the coming year. What would make her happy? If the pandemic situation were to calm down, and we as a society would learn to live with Covid.

In early 2021, when talking about the first lockdown, you mentioned that it was easy for BVLGARI to switch its focus to online clients because you started the digitalization of your business long before the pandemic outbreak. As this year comes to an end, how would you rate it in terms of sales and the absence of tourists in Prague?

Despite all the restrictions, the year has gone by incredibly quickly. I dare say that the absence of tourists is felt all across the board, not just in luxury retail. But I must also appreciate a very positive trend in domestic sales. We have gained new clients and garnered interest in more valuable investment jewelry and watches. The old saying about sales of luxury goods during a time of crisis is showing to be true.

BVLGARI was initially a jewelry brand, only later implementing perfumes and other luxury accessories. Taking a peek online reveals that perfumes are the heavy favorite, however. Maybe it is caused by them being more affordable to the general public compared to jewelry. What items do Czech men and women spend the most money on nowadays?

Perfumes really are just a supplementary part of our selection, our history goes back a long way and our clients are coming to see BVLGARI as a jewelry brand more so than in the past when it was often associated with its line of perfumes. We are seeing an immense interest in our iconic collections such as B.Zero1 and Serpenti, and what is more, accessories such as purses and handbags are becoming more popular. The gentlemen tend towards our Octo Finissimo watches, which have received an array of awards, and we come out with a new world record in one category or another every year. On top of that, this year, one of our watches was awarded a prize as part of the CPHG, which is a watchmakers’ equivalent of the Oscars.

The majority of famous brands tend to intertwine their image with celebrities. Which famous people wear and promote your brand? And who would be a Czech BVLGARI ambassador?

The BVLGARI brand will be forever linked with Elizabeth Taylor, who played Cleopatra and was also a frequent and loyal visitor of the boutique in Rome. Every one of our clients is our ambassador, so to speak. You are probably more interested in famous people that can be seen in the media, however. Celebrities love BVLGARI, and there are many of them who have been closely connected to our brand for many years. To name a few – Sophia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida, Julianne Moore, Adrien Brody, Jon Kortajarena, Rachel Weisz, some of our long-standing ambassadors are the world-famous model, Lilly Aldridge, American actress and model, Zendaya, and recently also Priyanka Chopra Jones, Indian actress, singer, and Miss World 2000. In the Czech Republic, we have a long-term ambassador in the beautiful and incredible actress, Jitka Schneiderová, last year, we started cooperating with the young and talented director, Eva Doležalová, and this year, we are working closely with the elegant Daniela Peštová.

Christmas shopping is in full swing, what novelties can we expect from BVLGARI, and what would be an absolute bombshell to unwrap on Christmas Eve?

I think that a beautiful piece of jewelry or a handbag will bring joy to any woman, and we have prepared new pieces as part of my favorite Serpenti collection. The gentlemen would certainly enjoy a watch from the Octo Finissimo collection. I recommend coming in person to get inspired and find joy in our boutique, where there is always a pleasant atmosphere.

You have been with BVLGARI for a decade now. Do you wear other jewelry as well, or are you entirely loyal to the brand? You might not be at liberty to say..., but does Silvia have a piece from the competition in her jewelry box or hidden somewhere in a drawer?

What a treacherous question. [laughs] I love BVLGARI, it is close to my heart, and so the majority of my jewelry comes from our collections.  I will admit that there are a few pieces from other brands, though. BVLGARI always comes out on top, and not only because I have been working for the brand for some time now. [laughs]

What would make you personally the happiest in the coming year?

Our business is still built on personal contacts and connections, which are very hard to keep up, in the current situation. Of course, there are modern technologies that allow us to keep in contact, but meeting in person is meeting in person. What would make me really happy would be for the whole situation surrounding the pandemic to calm down, for us as a society to learn how to live with Covid, to find a system that works, to be able to once again meet up freely, organize events, travel, and be with our loved ones whenever we want.


Silvia Patrová (born in 1981 in Bratislava) is the Manager of BVLGARI boutique.

She graduated from the University of Economics in Bratislava, majoring in Banking.

She went on to work as an assistant at Olympus, later as assistant to the CEO at HSBC Bank Bratislava, then at LBBW (private banking department), and has been with BVLGARI for the past ten years.

She is single, her favorite hobbies are travelling and sports.

The Serpenti Seduttori watch, fashioned in steel and adorned with diamonds.


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