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Reception of Saudi Arabia's Minister

Published: 1. 4. 2020
Author: Tomáš Syrový
Photo: Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic
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Deputy Prime Minister Radek Vondráček received the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ádil al-Jubajr in the lower house of the Parliament.

After the meeting, Vondráček stressed, among other things, that inthe interview he followed up his official visit in September 2018, which brought mutual relations a restart that both countries had sought after a long break. “Saudi Arabia has embarked on the modernization of the economy and society and is gradually opening up to foreign investors and allowing its businesses to enter foreign projects. The Minister confirmed that there is potential for cooperation in infrastructure, engineering, aerospace and defense, tourism and healthcare, ” said Vondráček.

Radek Vondracek and Adil al-Jubajr also spoke about the situation of safety in the Middle East and Libya, about migration and about the potential risks of spreading terrorism following the defeat of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. Furthermore, the issues of human rights, human rights and judicial systems were also discussed.


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