Off to Restart At reSTART

Published: 11. 3. 2020
Author: Alžběta Krausová
Photo: Photo Amazing Places
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The first Start hotel was built in Jičín in the 1970s as part of the so-called "Z" campaign, i.e. "involuntary voluntary temping project" as to enhance the city. Renovations of the outdated facade didn't happen until the hotel got into private hands.

The reconstruction took eight years. The hotel has opened relatively recently and the waiting paid off in the end. In making adjustments, the owners prioritised  ecology and sustainability as the greatest current trends. They aptly named the hotel reSTART working with the the original hotel name. And guess what, you can truly restart your own life force and vitality here.


Tempting specialties

Hotel reSTART is built in a very sober modern style. It is enriched with interesting details in the form of design lights or luxury cosmetics brand Botanica. The rooms are traditional double rooms, but if you want more space, you can stay in a suite with a private kitchenette. But do not overdo it with cooking, you can go to La Favorita, the hotel restaurant. The business is constantly bursting at the seams, and no wonder; they cook great. In addition, they regularly organize themed weekend specialties. For example, after the New Year, guests could enjoy pig-feasts; now in February there is a tasting Valentine's menu; in the future there will be a weekend full of steaks or Italian delicacies. At the same time, they are preparing another fine dining restaurant on the top of the 11th floor. So you can come to La Favorita to enjoy traditional Czech and international cuisine, good beer or just stop by from work for a tasty lunch menu. The top floor offers luxurious gourmet experiences as part of special celebrations.


You won’t get a chance to be bored

You won’t be bored in Jičín and its surroundings. You can walk directly through the hotel to the aqua park, which features a swimming pool and water slides, a sauna, range of massages, and aqua aerobics lessons. In the coming days, there will also be a private spa completed at the hotel. So if you want to relax in complete privacy, especially without children, it will be within easy reach. Hotel reSTART will be a great retreat for organizing corporate events, or just a nice stop on the way to the Bohemian Paradise, as Trosky Castle or Prachovské Rocks are almost behind the hotel.


What to visit

Most Czechs know the famous Rumcajs, Manka and Cipísek. In fact, they still live in Jičín, for instance in an interactive exposition in the information center; at Rumcajs' shoemaker under the Valdice Gate, and they come to life at the Jičín - Fairy Tale City festival. However, the town is also known as the town of Albrecht of Wallenstein. Among other things, you can feel his spirit in Waldstein loggia, which also does a lot of great events.


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