Nobility in Chuchle

Publikováno: 29. 9. 2022
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Foto: Photo Pavel Gwužď
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The Prague Intercup 2022 Arabian horse show took place on the 21st and 22nd of August at the Velká Chuchle racetrack with The Business Soirée acting as media partner.

Arabian horses from all over the world flocked to the racetrack to compete for the title of champion, with the most prominent ones hailing from the stables of the Middle East region. The Purebred Arabian horse possesses many specific qualities making the breed truly unique. These criteria also determine how the horses will do in the different categories and which ones will fight their way through to the final rounds and be crowned golden or silver champions by the judges.

Jaroslav Lacina alongside MPs Tom Philipp (KDU-ČSL) and Michaela Marksová (ČSSD), handing out the Prague Intercup Golden Champion award.

Horse display during the competition.

Peter Závodský, Michaela Marksová, Egemen Bağış (H. E. Ambassador of Turkey), Tom Philipp.

Silvia Patrová (BVLGARI), Jan Kostlán (Czech MFA), and Prague Intercup event manager, Jaroslav Lacina, before the category winner award ceremony.

Peter Závodský (The Business Soirée), security expert, Šárka Zamykalová, and show sponsor, Jan Přibyl.

Ivana Dobešová and Bubo the owl.

Robert Halama (Prague Intercup sponsor), Ambassador Milan Hovorka, Monika Dvořáková, and Jarmila Hovorková.

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