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Czecho-Slovakian Diplomatic Evening

Published: 6. 10. 2021
Author: Redakce / Editorial Staff
Photo: Photo Pavel Gwužď
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The first week of September, the Czecho-Slovakian Diplomatic Evening took place in the picturesque backdrop of the Jalta hotel's premises, under the auspices of Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies, Radek Vondráček, and Ambassador of the Slovak Republic to Czechia, Rastislav Káčer.

The event was attended by more than 120 guests, including members of different boards of trade, representatives of both countries, politicians, ministry personnel, The Business Soirée editorial staff, and the event partner's chosen guests.

The main event partners were the Czech Railways, ČEZ ESCO and ESCO Slovakia companies. Other key partners include the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Czechia, CONNTIS PLC, the Johann W Winery, and Flower Service LLC, who are due a big deal of thanks. Our thanks also go out to the host - Hotel Jalta. The evening was hosted by Aneta Řehková.

The function started with opening speeches from Radek Vondráček, Rastislav Káčer, actor and former politician, Milan Kňažko, and representatives of the partners of the event. The guests were welcomed on behalf of the Czech Railways by CEO and Chairman of the Board, Ivan Bednárik, and on behalf of ČEZ ESCO and ESCO Slovakia by CEO, Naďa Hartmann, J.D. The event was organized by The Business Soirée LLC.

Former Minister of Interior, Ivan Langer, Peter Závodský (TBS), Bohumil Procházka, M.Sc, Milan Kňažko.

Naďa Hartmann, Petr Novák (TBS).

Aneta Řehková, Radek Vondráček, Rastislav Káčer, Ivan Bednárik.

Actor duo Milan Kňažko a Zuzana Kronerová.

Milan Kňažko, Rastislav Káčer.

President of the Regional Council of Central Czechia, Petra Pecková with MP, Kateřina Valachová.


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