Czech-Slovak Diplomatic Evening

Published: 14. 3. 2020
Author: Petr Novák
Photo: Pavel Gwužď
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Czech-Slovak diplomatic evening was held in the beautiful premises of the KAMPA PARK restaurant under the baton of The Business Soirée and KAMPA GROUP RESTAURANTS Czechia and under the auspices of the Ambassador of Slovakia to Czechia Peter Weiss.

The event brought together more than 130 guests, including members of chambers of commerce, representatives of The Business Soirée, representatives of several countries, politicians, representatives of ministries and others. The evening was opened with speeches by Peter Weiss and Niels Jebens (the owner of KAMPA GROUP RESTAURANTS). The host, Jana Doleželová walked us through the following programme, taking care of the professional course and pleasant atmosphere of the evening. We could enjoy a raffle, the proceeds of which were donated to the Marta Kubišová Foundation.

The general partner was KAMPA GROUP RESTAURANTS. Other big thanks go to the main partners of the event: RENOMIA, ČD Cargo, Nedělka Kubáč attorneys, UNIPROG and Sekyra Group. We would also like to thank the other partners, thanks to which the evening could be held, namely BHT Bio Technology, SE, REMOSKA sro, Spa Teplice, Bageterie Boulevard, PROFIGROUP, Qatar Airways, BVLGARI and FURLA. The Business Soirée would like to thank everyone for their cooperation and look forward to continuing their cooperation on other joint and interesting projects.

Česko-Slovenský diplomatický večer


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