Celebrating Cyril and Methodius

Published: 12. 9. 2023
Author: Editorial Staff
Photo: Editorial Staff
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In early July, the SMER-SD and SNS parties organized nationwide festivities in the town of Nové Zámky to celebrate the arrival of the missionaries Cyril and Methodius.

Besides the onlookers, leading representatives of both parties also attended the celebrations. SMER-SD saw its Chairman Robert Fico, Vice-Chair Robert Kaliňák, and MEP Monika Beňová all make an appearance. SNS was represented by Chairman Andrej Danko among others. Robert Fico shared his opinion on the current events in the country while also highlighting that the legacy of the missionaries is still very relevant for the Slovak people in today's world.

Robert Fico

Andrej Danko

Monika Beňová


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