Stephen Boleslav Roman – the Uranium King

Published: 6. 7. 2023
Author: Redakce
Photo: archives
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To commemorate the 100th anniversary of Stephen Boleslav Roman's birth, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia published a book called "Stephen Boleslav Roman – the Uranium King".

Stephen Boleslav Roman is considered the most significant Slovak national of the 20th century together with Milan Rastislav Štefánik. He is also the richest and most influential businessman of Slovak origin in history. There aren't many Slovaks who made a name for themselves abroad and gained international renown. Various people recount their memories of S. B. Roman in the book, primarily his son Steven G. Roman and nephew Branislav Roman but also Cardinal Jozef Tomko, former Canadian Minister of Finance Otto J. Jelinek, Monika Pignal Bata (daughter of Thomas J. Bata), Countess Barbara Coudenhove-Kalergi (her uncle Richard Nikolaus founded the Paneuropian Union), and former President Rudolf Schuster. The team of authors was led by the President of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia Joseph M. Burza. The co-authors were former Secretary General of the Slovak World Congress Dušan Tóth, international nuclear energy expert Marián Naniáš, Director of the Slovak Historical Institute in Rome Daniel Černý, and archeologist Ján Chovanec (related to S. B. Roman). Additional information can be found at the official website


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