Slovak Woman of the Year

Publikováno: 6. 7. 2023
Autor: Katarína Hanzelová
Foto: STAR production
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The Slovak Woman of the Year reader poll has been putting the most precious qualities of women in the spotlight for fifteen years not only through its annual gala but also other accompanying events such as the art show that displays the portraits of the nominees.

The author of the photographs Ivana Orešková managed to capture not only the charm but also the intrinsic beauty of each of the ladies, which was also emphasized by the show's curator Ľuboslav Móza. The originator of the idea and founder of the event Mária Reháková recounted the beginnings of the poll: "Back then, many people doubted whether we would have enough nominees in the coming years. Time has shown that it hasn't been and still isn't an issue. In this fifteenth season, our readers have had the chance to pick the Slovak Woman of the Year from 27 laureates in nine categories." The event took place under the auspices of the Speaker of the Slovak National Council Boris Kollár, and the invaluable role of women as mothers and wives was additionally stressed by MEP Ivan Štefanec who was in attendance.

Boris Kollár, Mária Reháková, Ivan Štefanec

The author of the photographs Ivana Orešková

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