Restitution claims can still be settled

Published: 25. 4. 2022
Author: Tomáš Syrový
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There are still many thousands of people in Czechia whose restitution claims have not been settled. Czech law still allows for restitution settlement; however, it is only a matter of time before this option no longer applies and the claimants are unable to get their dues.

Restitutions relate to the return of confiscated property to its rightful owners or their heirs. Property was being confiscated after WWII and throughout the rule of the totalitarian regime up until 1989. It may be movable or immovable property such as agricultural land, factories, commercial or residential buildings, cattle, works of art, etc. “There are still tens of thousands of people who have not been able to reclaim their property even thirty years after the Restitution Act has been made into law,” says Vladimír Cnota, owner of the web portal.

Turn to the experts

He confirms that getting to the bottom of restitution claims is not an easy task and turning to experts who specialize in these matters is often easier. They can vet the claim, provide advice on where to go to obtain the required documentation, or even represent the claimants in the matter. “Our team has over 20 years of experience with restitutions. We offer an assessment and vetting of the restitution claim free of charge, and can subsequently propose an adequate strategy for settlement. We are usually able to obtain sums for our clients that are many times higher than the initial value of their claim, “ adds Vladimír Cnota. There are many cases where the state offers claimants financial compensation of 50 to 70 thousand CZK for their confiscated lands. If they turn to the experts instead, people are often able to settle their claims for millions and save time on dealing with paperwork and bureaucracy in the process.

Do not get discouraged

Compensation for historical property is usually calculated according to pre-classified prices set by the State Land Office in 1991. This naturally means that the current market value of the property is many times higher than these regulations indicate. Many restitution settlements end up in court where the claimants are trying to attain fair compensation. “It would certainly be unfair if former owners who were wronged by the state were to receive less than they are owed, simply because they do not have time to look for the necessary information or to attend drawn-out court hearings. has more than twenty years of experience in representing restitution claimants and knows the proper legal steps to be taken and how to obtain adequate remuneration. It is always preferable to seek advice than to get discouraged,” summarizes Vladimír Cnota.

Representation for foreigners

Even foreign clients need not fear for their property, and they do not even have to physically travel to Czechia. Everything can be settled remotely by connecting with international law firms specializing in restitutions. also represents the descendants of families from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, but even from countries as far as the USA, Canada, Australia, or China.

Vladimír Cnota, owner of the web portal.


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