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Published: 1. 1. 2021
Author: Redakce
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Can't get shake the feeling that the administration and routine processes in your company are becoming more and more complicated and it is almost impossible to keep up when working from home?

Are your documents messy and finding something is almost a superhuman task? Do "paper" processes complicate your situation - especially these days? Does the above rob you of your precious time and energy? Get a smart office!

Full control

We have been making our lives easier with technologies for a while now. We use smart phones and watches, smart TVs, some of us even have whole smart homes. So why not work in a smart virtual office? Get rid of "paperwork" and messy documents, get control with online approval mechanisms in your web browser and, as a bonus, give your employees the opportunity to work from home.

Lower cost

All this will streamline your work processes and save not only the cost of printing and office operations. In addition, it gives time to employees, who will then be able to spend time on something more meaningful rather than on endless administration. Thanks to the improved control mechanisms, you eliminate unnecessary costs and gain an overview of, for example, orders and invoicing in relation to specific orders, customers or tenants. All of this saves time and money and gives your organization a whole new dynamic, a modern way of managing and organizing work.

No more searching

Another great advantage of a paperless office is the easy traceability of documents. Let’s picture it: What feels nicer? Looking for an invoice or an order in files full of dusty papers, or when clicking once or twice and seeing not only all the documents for the particular case, but also summary information, reports, cost-benefit comparison, time spent on it by your employees and a lot of other valuable data? Plus, you don't have to sit at work because of similar processes. You can approve invoices from a tablet on the go or from your home office. All you need is an internet connection.

Frequent questions

What size of an organisation is such a solution suitable for? How challenging is this change? Is digitization really such a benefit? After all, it 

has been working for us "to work with paper" for a long time, so why change it? The fear of change is a natural human trait.  The size of the company or office is not as important as the number of documents it processes. Large companies often implement similar solutions in pilot operations and projects first only for part of their employees. They are often the first to very quickly appreciate the benefits of the paperless operation, and the fears dissipate quickly.

Which solution to choose?

A thorough initial analysis is crucial. What do you want to achieve by setting up a "paperless" office, and what processes would you like to streamline or automate? Then, according to the answer to this basic question, choose the system that suits you best, and the cost of running it corresponding to the savings it will bring. Such a solution, especially for small and medium-sized companies, offices, hospitals and social enterprises, is provided by INSIO software, which can design the best solution.

Is it really paperless?

To a large extent, yes, a paperless office can be a reality. But even here it is true - everything in moderation and reason. Some small things - such as coloured paper stickers, a nice notepad or a picture calendar - cannot be replaced. And INSIO software doesn't even intend to. They do not want to take away the playfulness and beauty from offices, on the contrary. They want to bring simplicity and efficiency along with it.

Advantages of INSIO solution

#Everything stored securely and in one place online

Electronic documents (paper saving)

Faster and more efficient approval

Easy search

#No lost documents

Saved time and money

Improving internal communication in the company

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