Pakistan as a tourist destination

Published: 16. 7. 2021
Author: Redakce
Photo: Ghulam Rasool from Colors of Deosai
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Nestled between the Hindu Kush and the Karakoram, nurtured by the mighty Indus and protected by the Arabian Sea lies a land with a history that has few parallels. The cradle of the world's earliest known civilizations of Mehrgarh (7000 BCE), Mohenjo-Daro, and Harappa (2600 BCE). It gave birth to Buddhism in the foothills of the Karakoram, and the glorious banks of the Indus inspired the sacred texts of Hinduism. Armies of Alexander the Great marched through the plains of Punjab towards the Chitral Valley. It welcomed Islam, the religion of peace, which arrived at the shores of the Arabian Sea. Embracing it along with the indigenous ethos to become the seat of the greatest Sufi Saints. The fertile plains along the river Chenab were honoured by the birth of Baba Guru Nanak, The Prophet of the Sikh Faith. This land on August 14, 1947, became Pakistan – “The Pure Land”.

Adrenaline and relaxation

With its rich geographical and historical context, Pakistan is a holiday destination for myriad tastes. For those who are fond of adventure and pristine Alpine conditions, the northern areas offer unique experiences like the high altitude Khunjerab pass, the idyllic valleys of Hunza and Gilgit with views of the Rakaposhi mountain, or the heaven on earth Shangri-La Resort in Skardu, just miles away from the K-2 basecamp at Deosai National Park – home to the brown bear and unique flora and fauna. So for those who are looking for trekking, white water rafting, or just relaxing in nature the Northern areas of Pakistan, with 5 of the world's 8000 m+ mountain peaks are the place to visit. Central and South Punjab offer opportunities for wild boar hunting, desert safaris, or visiting the world's second-largest salt mine, Khewra with its legend of saving Alexander the Great's tired cavalry.

History and culture

The history and culture buff will have the opportunity to visit and see the great Gandhara civilization just 30 minutes from the capital; Islamabad, in Taxila. Enjoy Mughal architecture, contemporary art, fashion, and great food with warm hospitality in Lahore. Travel further south to Multan, the City of Saints and the first seat of Islamic Governance in the subcontinent while driving past Harappa to see one of the sites of the Indus Valley Civilization. You can fly from Karachi – the commercial capital – to Mohenjo-Daro for a day trip or drive along the coastline to Gwadar and white sandy beaches.

Pakistan has warmth and hospitality to offer to everyone and we look forward to welcoming you at the end of the pandemic. Khush Amdeed!


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