Kindness is the magic of Christmas

Published: 12. 1. 2024
Author: Lenka Kukučková
Photo: TAR
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Not many of us can probably think of a time that we're looking forward to more than Christmas. Just the atmosphere itself, filled with magical smells and tastes, elicits a feeling of closeness and cordiality, complemented by tiny sparkling lights. Are you one of those who eagerly await the Christmas markets each year? The Trenčín Region elevated them to an even more beautiful and heartfelt level thanks to its Christmas Heart of the Green Region project.

Every year, the regional office's main hall is transformed in early December into a festive crafts market, unparalleled in its human dimension. Why? It is where social service facilities managed by the region present a wide array of their products as well as traditional Christmas delicacies and decorations.
The space is permeated by the mesmerizing smell of holiday wafers, honey cakes, punch, and hot chocolate, and people from all over the region come here to find inspiration. The main reason is that by buying a little lovingly crafted trinket they can support each individual facility and, in addition to their purchase, bring back home the warm pleasant feeling that naturally belongs to Christmas. The Christmas Heart of the Green Region has turned into a wonderful tradition; the opening ceremony offers performances of various musical groups and a chance to see the Christmas tree being decorated. Just as the whole market is special, so is the tree. The decorating is handled every year by the Pure Soul Social Service Center from Trenčín, which brings together people with disabilities.
"We have been keeping this tradition for seven years now, and it always brings the right kind of Christmas atmosphere into the spaces of our office. The Advent time should be when people are closest to one another, and it is exactly this idea that permeates our whole Christmas market. It is a time when we think of others more than ourselves, and this is an opportunity to support others who might not be as lucky as we are to spend the holidays together with their loved ones," said Trenčín Regional President Jaroslav Baška.
The regional office staff have initiated another tradition as well. They put packages under the Christmas tree that bring joy to the elderly and children in the region's social service facilities. And that's what Christmas is all about.

Trenčín Regional President Jaroslav Baška decorating the tree

Snapshot from the Christmas markets


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