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A step towards normal relations

Published: 16. 7. 2021
Author: Iveta Staňková
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The American Jewish Committee opened new offices in the United Arab Emirates. It is this organization’s first branch in an Arab country. This step shows that the relations between Arab countries and the Jewish community are getting better.

A previous positive step was a treaty between the UAE, Bahrain, and Israel on proper diplomatic relations between the countries, which was signed by their representatives in September last year in Washington. According to the diplomatic leaders of both countries, this process of mutual respect, normal and proper relations, and cooperation in the areas of defense and investment are one possible way of bringing peace and stability to the region of the Middle East. The UAE announced its decision to normalise relations with Israel in August last year. They were only the third country to take this step (Jordan and Egypt being the first two). Thanks to this treaty, Dubai has its historically first community Rabbi. A thing that would have seemed unthinkable a few short years ago, according to the German Catholic news agency KNA, among others.


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