Traditional Czecho-Slovak meeting

Published: 13. 4. 2023
Author: Redakce
Photo: Pavel Gwužď
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The traditional Slovak diplomatic evening took place on the premises of Hotel Jalta at Prague's Wenceslas Square in December last year.

The opening speeches were given by Slovak Chargé d'Affaires to Prague Soňa Budayová, the wife of former president Václav Klaus and former ambassador to Slovakia Livia Klausová, vice-chair of the Chamber of Deputies Věra Kovářová (STAN), and Slovak ex-minister of foreign affairs and actor Milan Kňažko. The sponsors' representatives also had a chance to speak and Peter Závodský addressed the guests on behalf of TBS.
The evening was hosted by Emma Balunová and the guests were entertained by the music of young saxophone player and DJ Oskar Štěrba. Among the guests were the likes of MEP Jan Zahradil (ODS), ex-minister of labor and social affairs for ČSSD Michaela Marksová, ex-minister of foreign affairs and former chairman of KDU-ČSL Cyril Svoboda, former minister of finance Ivan Pilný (ANO), principal of the Jan Deyl Conservatory and Secondary School Stanislava Lustyková, or one of the "founding fathers" of TV Nova Peter Kršák.
The event's Primary Partner was Sev.en Commodities with the Gold Partner being AGADOS and the Silver Partners numbering BiQ Group, Decent Cybersecurity, and Premium Insurance Company Respect. The media partners were magazines The Business Soirée, High Level Magazine, and Grade.

Magdalena Mrnková, Livia Klausová, Věra Kovářová, Soňa Budayová

Cyril Svoboda, Peter Závodský

Marcel Červený, CEO of BiQ Group, one of the event's sponsors

Ex-minister of foreign affairs and former deputy prime minister for ČSSD Jan Kavan, MEP Jan Zahradil (ODS)

Stanislava Lustyková, Peter Závodský, and Dušan Eľko (SAM Headhunting managing partner)


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