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Winter is once again on our doorstep and it brings new challenges and risks for travelers, which they would do well to prepare for. Keep in mind that nature can be unpredictable, which is why it is imperative to make sure you have excellent travel insurance to look out for you.

You will appreciate it when you run into trouble abroad – be it related to health or property, and be it your own or somebody else's. PVZP travel insurance thinks of all the possible risks so that you don't have to – it serves as a protective bubble that will ensure you can enjoy a relaxing vacation. We present to you nine solid reasons why it's unique.

Careful with alcohol on the slopes
Although PVZP travel insurance currently covers up to 0.1% blood alcohol level, you always need to observe the rules and regulations in any given country. This applies primarily to driving and, in the case of a winter vacation, to getting around ski resorts. Always make sure that you know the legal alcohol limits in your destination before leaving for vacation. In Italy, for instance, the legal limit is only 0.05%, and in France, it goes all the way to zero.

Protection from thieves
Do you head out into the mountains every year with skis locked away in a roof box? Do you often leave your electronic devices in the car when traveling? And are you aware that some insurance plans don't cover electronic devices and personal belongings, or that they don't apply during the night hours? With PVZP travel insurance, the belongings you leave in your car, including electronic devices and sports equipment, are protected 24 hours a day.

Rented items
PVZP travel insurance will take care not only of your property but also of items you may rent and bring with you – skis, sleds, snowboards... And all of that without having to pay for any supplemental insurance.

Liability insurance
Did you know that anyone skiing or snowboarding on Italian slopes must have valid liability insurance in case they cause damage to the property or health of another person? This insurance is included in all PVZP travel insurance packages and the necessary certification (also in English) is included on the proof of insurance card. This means that you don't need to carry around any other documents besides the card.

Trip cancellation
The industry standard deadline for obtaining trip cancellation insurance is seven days from the time of purchase. That is why PVZP has extended the deadline in its Standard travel insurance package (up to 16 days before the trip) and has done away with the deadline altogether in the Nadstandard (Premium) package. Furthermore, the excess has been lowered to ten percent.

Czech Tourist package
Do you enjoy heading out for a weekend skiing trip just past our borders, perhaps to Poland or Austria? Then the Český turista (Czech Tourist) package is bound to come in handy. It applies in the Czech Republic and up to fifty kilometers from Czech borders in neighboring countries. It includes not only accident insurance and medical expense insurance but also covers personal belongings and liability.

Mountain rescue service
Weather can be unpredictable in the mountains during winter and can spring uncomfortable surprises on you. The mountain rescue service insurance can help in case a search and rescue operation needs to be mounted to locate you.

Sport supplemental insurance
Are you planning an active vacation? The Sport supplemental insurance package will protect your sports equipment. It covers the rental fee in case of a delayed return and will pay for your deposit if the equipment gets damaged. It will even cover your starting fees at sports events that you may have been unable to attend.

Carefree Driving
Are you afraid of running into trouble on winter roads because your vehicle insurance doesn't include assistance services? The Bezstarostná Jízda (Carefree Driving) insurance package will help you get to your destination and protect you from unexpected expenses in case something goes wrong during your travels.

PVZP is a universal health insurance company that offers insurance plans covering everything from health, through family and property, all the way to entrepreneurial activities. PVZP has 25 years of experience with health insurance and is irreplaceable in this regard.
It is historically the first insurance company to cover medical expenses as part of travel insurance plans and was previously the only insurance company with knowledge and expertise in the field of foreigner health insurance. PVZP currently holds a significant share of the market in relation to property insurance and the liability insurance of healthcare institutions, contractual doctors, and pharmacists. Other insurance products offered by PVZP are statutory car insurance, vehicle insurance, citizen's liability and property insurance, accident insurance, serious medical condition insurance, and entrepreneurial risk insurance.
An interesting fact about PVZP is that it is the only insurance company on the market that funnels funds back to the national budget because the General Health Insurance Company of the Czech Republic is its sole shareholder. That makes it the only insurance company protecting public finances.
Additional information about PVZP can be found at

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