Jaroslava Pokorná Jermanová: We inspire one another

Published: 12. 4. 2022
Author: Šárka Jansová
Photo: Photo archives of Jaroslava Pokorná Jermanová
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Member of Parliament for ANO 2011 and Chair of the Interparliamentary Group Czech Republic-Slovakia, Jaroslava Pokorná Jermanová, is currently preparing for a meeting with her Slovakian counterpart.

I assume that what we talk about today will be influenced by the current international events...

Of course, the war in Ukraine is the main topic today and will likely remain so in the near future. Together with our Slovak colleagues, we will share experiences we have had with handling the incoming waves of refugees, especially their integration into our societies and any potential aid that is needed. Hearing the insights that colleagues from the National Council might have regarding the economy in our countries as well as the EU will be interesting. I look forward to discussing all the ideas coming from our Group as well as our Slovak colleagues.

You have experience from both communal and high Czech politics. Are there any interesting concepts from Slovak politics you would like to adopt?

I am convinced that we have plenty to inspire each other with. Slovakia presents a great source of information regarding the direct election of communal politicians. Other than that, I have connections to many Slovak colleagues throughout the different levels of politics – the parliament as well as the regional and communal levels. Whenever we meet, it is on a very friendly and amenable note. It is not that long ago, after all, when we were all part of one state.

Do you have family in Slovakia?

Not family, but I have plenty of Slovak friends, starting all the way back from my school years.

Wich places in Slovakia do you like the most?

The whole Slovak Paradise National Park area, I have been there many times. The High Tatras are beautiful too. Bratislava is one of my favorite cities with the Bratislava Castle overlooking it and the Danube river meandering through.


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