Here Are the Best-ranked Places!

Published: 4. 1. 2019
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Where is it best to live in the Czech Republic and where the quality of life is the lowest? Here is the ranking that answers this question quite clearly.

The highest quality of life is in the central Bohemian towns of Říčany, followed by Prague and Černošice. At the bottom of the list came municipalities in the Moravian-Silesian, Ústecký and Karlovarský regions, while the lowest quality of life in the Czech Republic is in Moravian-Silesian Orlová. This results from the Quality of Life Index, which was compiled by Obce v datech (Municipality in Data).

Rank          Municipality                          Region                       Quality of Life Index

   1.               Říčany                                   Středočeský                  10,0

   2.               Praha                                      Praha                            9,8

   3.               Černošice                               Středočeský                  8,3

   4.               Třeboň                                    Jihočeský                     8,2

   5.               Trhové Sviny                          Jihočeský                     7,7

   6.               Beroun                                    Středočeský                 7,5

   7.               Brandýs nad Labem 

                       – Stará Boleslav                   Středočeský                  7,5

   8.               České Budějovice                  Jihočeský                      7,3

   9.                Hustopeče                              Jihomoravský               7,3

   10.             Turnov                                    Liberecký                     7,2

What Decides

The Quality of Life Index compares publicly available data on health and the environment, material conditions, education and human relations in a total of 206 Czech municipalities with extended competence. Deloitte is the main consulting partner of the project and verifies the data obtained. The resulting data can help general public in deciding where to live. Mayors, and other representatives of the city and municipalities can use the information to decide on municipal issues.

A total of 29 indicators were categorized into one of three categories that have proved to have the most significant impact on the well-being of people. (1. health and the environment, 2. material security and education, 3. relationships and services), 

Metropolis on the Top

Prague and the municipalities that are in close proximity have achieved the best results in the Health and Environment categories. There is a high average life expectancy and excellent availability of medical facilities. A similar situation is in Brno and in the towns nearby. On the contrary, municipalities in the Moravian-Silesian and the Ústí nad Labem regions received the lowest score.

The leader of the Relations and Services category is once more Prague and right behind come municipalities in its immediate vicinity. Logically, this is given by the availability of services, and by relocation to and around Prague by many residents from other parts of the Czech Republic. The municipalities of the Karlovy Vary Region and the Zlín Region reached the lowest rating - they are being depopulated and the availability of services is worse.

The highest rankings in the category of Material Security and Education included municipalities from the South Bohemian and Hradec Králové Regions (with the exception of Broumov), due to low unemployment, a low number of citizens with financial problems and high job offer. The lowest rating got the municipalities of the Ústí nad Labem Region and the Moravian-Silesian Region, despite their low property prices, followed by Brno due to being one of the most expensive housing areas in the Czech Republic with above-average unemployment.

Vladimír Kořen

Mayor of Říčany Vladimír Kořen commented on the success of his town: "Říčanyis a great place to live. This has now been confirmed by the comparison with hundreds of beautiful Czech and Moravian cities. Dozens of different quality-of-life parameters have been compared - transport, schools, restaurants, healthcare ... But our city has even more, which are peace and tranquillity. Also,no research may be able to measure the amount of positive energy, strength, courage, and abilities of the inhabitants in Czech cities. And, I believe, it is people of Říčany, whogive it this great potential. For what it’s worth, Říčany has no spectacular monuments, nor any nature reserves or amusement parks, but life is simply good here. That’s all to it. "


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