Czech House in Doha

Published: 12. 4. 2022
Author: Redakce / Editorial Staff
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In its efforts to facilitate lively trade relations between the Czech Republic and Qatar, the Czech-Qatari Committee of the Czech Chamber of Commerce is working on a major international project – the opening of a business center in Qatar called "Made in Czech Republic", which will help promote Czech products and services in Qatar with the Committee's support.

The Czech House in Doha will serve as office space where Czech companies can meet their Qatari peers and pitch them their products that will be on display as samples and specimens throughout the premises. The business center will have a 24-hour front desk, conference room, storage facilities, and a vault for the safekeeping of paperwork. Staff will be available to help translate and interpret business meetings, provide refreshments as well as everything else necessary to assure the highest level of comfort. Czech companies will be able to make use of this space as a permanent business foothold in Qatar.

Qatar is seeing a rise in the interest of Czech companies to enter the local market; this project is a natural reaction to the numerous inquiries and requests for support and information regarding the current investment and business opportunities coming from Czech entrepreneurs. Further interest in this thriving region is to be expected due to the football World Cup that Qatar is set to host later this year.

The "Made in Czech Republic" business center will be ready to assist Czech businesses with entry into the Qatari market by providing consultations and even support with establishing entities in Qatar. The House is also meant to bolster Czech-Qatari relations in terms of culture and sports, as well as to further develop bilateral cooperation. This permanent trade representation in Doha is also ready to facilitate the purchase of property in Qatar, the renting of spaces for manufacturing and assembly, and to help interested parties navigate the local banking sector. Czech entrepreneurs can look forward to successful collaboration in Qatar.


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